Acquisition Section


The acquisition of books is a pre-requisite for a library. Future generations will probably blame us or praise us, not for our fine catalog , classification schemes, circulation systems and reference techniques but for what we manage to save and pass on to them. This work is too important that it should be organized in such a manner that reading material of maximum utility is acquired with minimum time at the minimum cost.

Located in the Basement of the Library, this Section acquires books and other reading material selected by the SLPC Members as well as recommended by the Library staff in accordance with the readers' demand.

The Library purchases more than 5000 books in Hindi, English ,Punjabi and Urdu languages every year for different sections of the library and Branch Library, Badheri. Efforts are being made to purchase popular titles and award winning books as soon as these are released. The demand of our readers is also considered while purchasing books. The books are purchased under the matching scheme of RRRLF. A committee of educationists called "State Library Planning Committee", whose Chairperson is The Education Secretary, Chd Adm, is constituted which is responsible for the selection of all books for the library.

Updated On: 01/25/2021 - 11:09
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