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Children are the future of any society so to inculcate reading habits amongst them; they need to be introduced to books at a very early stage. Along with toys they should be given colorful children's books.  It has been found that children are very possessive of their things; they seldom want to share their toys or books with others. It is a general practice in the libraries to have a separate children section because having a common adult and children section does not yield the desired results.

In this library there is a colorful Children Section with smaller chairs and tables, decorative items, small size book stacks where attractive books are displayed so that children themselves can pick books and browse through them. There are around 25000 children books in this section with a number of magazines especially meant for children. Apart from providing them with reading material number of children activities are also conducted in this section to promote reading habit Amongst the children. Books related competitions like word game, G K Quiz, book-quiz, books hunting; reference hunting etc. are conducted annually in this section.

The Children Section of the library is located on the first floor.

The children and their parents alike especially like this section, and during the summer vacations the rush in this section is admirable. In this section, two books are issued for a period of two weeks to each member. The issue /return system in the section is computerized.

A children corner in collaboration and assistance from Raja Ram Roy Mohan Library, Kolkota was set up IN 2006 and was inaugurated on Children’s Day. This is a specifically designed Children’s Corner for kids with cute furniture, approachable racks and tempting books for kids. This corner has substantial collection of VCD & CD ROMS with audiovisual section with TV & DVD Player. Different CDS are shown to readers from time to time specially during vacation of school children.

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